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Good, but too short.

The graphics in this movie were brilliant. All the sound effects and stuff was good as well. However, it almost took longer to load than it did to view. It didn't really go anywhere. You didn't have to cram as many references as you possibly could in there, either. I'm sure there'll be plenty of chances to do that when the next part comes out in however many years. (Hint: do one series at a time.)

Overall, not too bad, but this would've been much better if you held out for longer and finished the whole first part.

This was just... so cool...

This was just awesome. The voices weren't imitated very well, but hey, a bad imitation is a small price to pay for a quality animation. The ending music was pretty cool. It may even rival my own Flash animations.

Are you sure you got the graphics from Google Image? Seems to me like they are some pretty good vector graphics to me. BUT I DON'T CARE! It was just... awexome.

I am Super Sam.

Flashimator responds:

Yep, all the real stuff was Google'd. Except that one dorm picture... I took that one myself.

Randomness = very yes

When you make a random flash, it has to be just the right amount of random, which is 95-100%. Your flash falls within the upper part of that range. Nice animation and such.

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Not many features

There wasn't really much to this. It was okay, but I've seen better. Much better. This hardly had anything to it. Ooo, real time! How thrilling.

Anyway, now I'll give some suggestions. More stuff! This didn't have much at all. Next, make a real progress bar. If you can't be bothered, at least pretend it's a real progress bar. If you're going to be using real time, either make it 24-hour or make it AM or PM. If you want to make it even better, give the user a choice.

Overall, I feel better could be done.


Wasn't good, wasn't bad. I like how you say it includes "realistic policeman". I agree. The game was a little small, and there was a certain element of craziness. Nice job.

Boring, Annoying and Just Plain Stupid

Just kidding. It was fun and addictive (even though I could only get to 50%)! It ran a little slow and I had to sacrifice quality, but other then that you did a great job.

I found out how to trick the evil monsters as well ;)

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it's alright

but it's no rap chop

Syniphas responds:


to you, sir, I say:

Clamburger Enterprises: we're better than you, and we know!


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